Greek Entertainment

The films “Never on Sunday” and “Zorba the Greek” introduced the Greek dance to moviegoers but most visitors to the Dionysos Greek Festival may not realize that Greek dance has retained much of its identity over the years, as has the Greek language. It is a living, vital force in the Greek way of life, and its spirit brings people together with a true feeling of camaraderie.

The Kalamazoo Greek Festival will bring you a Greek show like no other!

Our Greek shows begin with a spectacular musical performance. The Levendes are a full Greek orchestra who give a unique flair to traditional and modern Greek music.

Twelve Hellenic dancers will entertain you with a variety of dances that reflect the Greek culture and customs in their traditional costumes. They will introduce you to some of the most beautiful dances of Greece.

No Greek show would be complete without traditional belly dancing performances. The Kalamazoo Greek Festival is proud to feature the West Michigan School of Middle Eastern Dance who will amaze and thrill you. They will even give you a lesson in this expressive and beautiful language of dance and make you a belly dancing artist in your own right.

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