Spend Three Days In Greece Without
Leaving Kalamazoo

June 2nd-4th, 2016

Forty years ago it all began with a small gathering of friends enjoying the Greek culture in the basement of Dionysos Restaurant. Little did Theo and Stacy know that the people of Kalamazoo would embrace and accept their heritage with overwhelming enthusiasm. After the first year, people came and went and requested more Greek cultural events. Theo and Stacy decided to not only share the food and drink of Greece, but also the song and dance. Within a few years the festival grew in size and it could no longer be held in the restaurant. After much consideration it was decided to make the festival a one day outdoor event. The festival eventually grew in size to a three day event where musicians, singers, and dancers would come via Greece and share the authentic Greek experience. When joining us at the festival this year, in memory of Theo, remember him singing and dancing with his glass of Ouzo exclaiming OPA!